11 JavaScript utility libraries you should know in 2018


Because JavaScript is stillThe most popular and widely used programming languageTherefore, the ecosystem is expanded around it.

11 JavaScript utility libraries you should know in 2018

Still, JavaScript’s small “standard library” willKeep this state。 To fill this gap, many popular utility libraries have grown on GitHub over the past few years. The following is a short list of useful and highly maintained libraries.

Tip: most, if not all, libraries in the list can be linked toBit component platformSo that you can use any feature alone to discover, use, and even develop from any project that uses it.

Use also inBit on GitHub, you can seamlessly isolate components in any of these libraries (no refactoring), install them in other projects using NPM, use bit, update changes, collaborate, and stay synchronized to develop them from any project. Jump in at will.

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1. Underscore & Lodash (dah)

Most people probably already know. Underscore was built to provide utility functionality for common tasks in JavaScript.Lodash is the most downloaded NPMMost dependent packages, designed to provide a more consistent cross environment for arrays, strings, objects, and parameter objectsIteration support。 It has become a superset of underscore and is maintained by the same core contributors. It should definitely be on your technology stack.

lodash/lodash _lodash – A modern JavaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance, & extras._github.com[](https://github.com/lodash/lod…

jashkenas/underscore underscore – JavaScript’s utility belt_github.com[](https://github.com/jashkenas/…

lodash. Javascript components by lodash. _Non-Official and community generated collection of the Lodash JS utility library functionalities made individually…_bitsrc.io[](https://bitsrc.io/lodash/lodash)

11 JavaScript utility libraries you should know in 2018

2. Ramda

This JS utility library has more than 12K stars and is designed for functional programming. It can easily create a function pipeline that will not change user data. Non variability and no side effects are the core of its design concept. All functions are automatically curried, and the passed parameters are arranged accordingly for ease of use.

ramda/ramda _ramda –  Practical functional Javascript_github.com[](https://github.com/ramda/ramda)

3. MathJS

At 6K stars, math JS is an extensive JavaScript and node JS math library, which is compatible with JavaScript’s built-in math library. The library includes a flexible expression parser that can perform symbolic calculations with a large number of built-in functions and constants. You can even expand it yourself.

josdejong/mathjs _mathjs – An extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js_github.com[](https://github.com/josdejong/…

4. Moment/date-fns

At nearly 40K stars, moment JS is a JavaScript date and time operation library for parsing, validating, manipulating and formatting dates. Moment is designed to be used in the browser and node JS. Starting with V 2.10.0, the code is written in the ECMAScript 6 module.

Date FNS is an increasingly popular (11K stars, more than 500000 NPM installations per week) time operation library for JavaScript, which is replaced by many developersmoment.jsSee comparison), which provides more than 130 functions to manipulate dates in browsers and nodes JS file. Date FNS is built using pure functions and remains immutable without changing the delivery date instance. It is applicable to bundles such as webpack, browserify or rollup, and also supportstree-shaking

moment/moment _moment – Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in javascript._github.com[](https://github.com/moment/mom…

date-fns/date-fns _date-fns – ⏳ Modern JavaScript date utility library ⌛️_github.com[](https://github.com/date-fns/d…

5. Sugar

At 3.5K star, sugar is a JavaScript utility library for handling native objects. Custom built and modular NPM packages allow you to use only what you needBitThe user can define methods or use plug-ins to handle special use cases. It’s worth trying.

andrewplummer/Sugar _Sugar – A Javascript library for working with native objects._github.com[](https://github.com/andrewplum…

11 JavaScript utility libraries you should know in 2018

6. Lazy

At 5K stars, lazy JS is a functional utility library for JavaScript. It has a lazy loading engine that “works as little as possible” while still flexible enough. The library has no external dependencies. This is aDomeLive demonstration of events as sequences for testing. Here are the to startAPI documentation

dtao/lazy.js _lazy.js – Like Underscore, but lazier_github.com[](https://github.com/dtao/lazy.js)

7. CollectJS

At 3.5K stars, collect JS is a very promising and dependency free wrapper for processing arrays and objects in JavaScript. It has many useful functions and APIs (almost) similar toLaravel CollectionsSame. This library has been actively maintained and deserves attention.

ecrmnn/collect.js _collect.js – 💎 Convenient and dependency free wrapper for working with arrays and objects_github.com[](https://github.com/ecrmnn/col…

8. ChanceJS

Chance is a minimalist generator of random strings, numbers, etc., which helps to reduce some monotony, while writing automated tests or any other random things. With only 3K stars, this library is very useful because we tend to repeat our patterns when asked to generate random things.

chancejs/chancejs _chancejs – Chance – Random generator helper for JavaScript_github.com[](https://github.com/chancejs/c…

9. ChartJS

On nearly 40K stars, chart JS is a good example to illustrate 8 different data visualization types, sometimes even less. Each type is animated and customizable.
Chart. JS allows you to use<canvas>Tags create simple HTML5 charts with excellent rendering performance in all modern browsers.
Definitely one of the most useful and elegant libraries on the list.

chartjs/Chart.js _Chart.js – Simple HTML5 Charts using the tag_github.com[](https://github.com/chartjs/Ch…

11 JavaScript utility libraries you should know in 2018

10. Polished

fromstyled-componentsThe polished written by the team has 3.5K stars. Polished is a very lightweight tool set for using sass style auxiliary functions and mixin writing styles in JavaScript. The library is compatible with style components, Aphrodite, radium, or pure inline styles. This personal favorite can be obtained on GitHub, and all single functions are provided in the bit community (Unofficial), so they can be installed / imported and used separately.

styled-components/polished _polished – A lightweight toolset for writing styles in JavaScript ✨_github.com[](https://github.com/styled-com…

polished. Javascript components by ranm8. _A lightweight toolset for writing styles in JavaScript ✨ 72 Javascript components. Examples: color / adjust-hue, color…_bitsrc.io[](https://bitsrc.io/ranm8/polis…

11. Mout

Mout. JS is a collection of modular JavaScript utilities that can be used as amd modules or nodes in browsers JS, which provides auxiliary methods similar to those in other language standard libraries (Python, ruby, PHP, etc.). mout. JS allows you to load only the required modules / functions, provide a consistent API, and regulate the behavior of multiple browsers.

mout/mout _mout – Modular JavaScript Utilities_github.com[](https://github.com/mout/mout)

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* Bit utils

JavaScript utility functions provide modularity and performance, and are used in bit’s Web Center itself. These functions can be used alone, can be installed using NPM / yarn, or can be developed from any project using them (in any environment) using bit itself. You can create your own similar collections and collect useful functionality from different libraries and projects.

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11 JavaScript utility libraries you should know in 2018

* Voca

JavaScript library for string manipulation. It includes useful features such as_ change case,trim,pad,slugify,latinise,sprintf’y,truncate,escape_ wait. You can load a single function to minimize application build. The library has high test coverage and no dependency.

panzerdp/voca _voca – The ultimate JavaScript string library_github.com[](https://github.com/panzerdp/v…

* Licia

This interesting project has only 400 stars. It is basically a simple and useful collection of JavaScript code fragments with advanced documentation and test coverage. V 2.0 is pre released on the master and actively maintained and developed.

Learn moreIn this hackernoon post.

liriliri/licia _licia – Useful utility collection with zero dependencies_github.com[](https://github.com/liriliri/l…