10CrNi3MoV certification by national science, technology and Industry Commission


Since March 30, 2004, Angang has developed the latest products, which has become the first domestic full-scale production of 907A, 945 steel plate and continuous casting921A(10CrNi3MoV) crack arresting plate of iron and steel enterprises. The three kinds of ship steel have passed the evaluation and certification of national defense science and Technology Commission and navy equipment department.10CrNi3MoV certification by national science, technology and Industry Commission

It is understood that Angang has been committed to the development and production of military steel for a long time, and has supplied a large number of ship steel for China’s national defense construction. Since the ninth five year plan, Angang has carried out a number of major technical transformations, eliminating the backward open hearth and blooming processes, and adopting advanced processes such as converter steelmaking, secondary refining and continuous casting, which have significantly improved the purity of steel, accuracy of composition control and gas content and other performance indicators. In particular, after the revamping of the new heavy plate mill last year, the 4300 rolling mill with the largest rolling force in China and advanced laminar cooling system are adopted in the new production line. The capacity of controlled rolling and controlled cooling is stronger, and the level of technical equipment has reached the international first-class level, which creates good conditions for the research and development of ship steel. High steel, high

The research and application of continuous casting 907A, 945 and 921A steel is a key technical research project in the tenth five year plan. The three kinds of ship steel widely used in our army have been produced by mold casting process in the past. With the development of metallurgical technology, continuous casting has become the mainstream of iron and steel production process. In accordance with this development trend, Angang Steel started to research the converter continuous casting production of these steel grades in 2001 from the long-term perspective of expanding supply channels and ensuring the construction of naval equipment. With the joint efforts of Angang New Steel Rolling Company and other relevant units and departments, it has successfully passed two rounds of research and development from laboratory to large-scale production. The products have been inspected by the 725 Institute of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry and the practical research by the general iron and Steel Research Institute, which fully meet the relevant national standards. Among them, the continuous casting 921A steel was certified by the relevant departments of the Navy last year. On this basis, Angang has carried out the plate width tensile test, dissimilar steel welding test and anti explosion test. The application scope of this steel plate is further expanded, and this time it has passed the certification.

At the accreditation meeting attended by the Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense, the naval equipment department, the 725 and 719 Institutes of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, the iron and Steel Association, the General Institute of iron and Steel Research and Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. after careful review, the expert group concluded that the three kinds of ship steel plates developed by Angang have the advantages of high strength, high toughness, high resistance to low temperature and high corrosion resistance, and all the properties fully conform to the relevant national standards The standard is better than that of mold casting.