10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020



10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020

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1 Import Cost

During the development process, you may often find yourself adding dependencies to the project. Although modular development has become a key part of today’s software development, it is best to make sure that you are careful with your input. JavaScript and typescript’s import cost plug-in allows you to be alert to all dependencies in real time.

10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020

When you add a dependency inline to your code, it displays the corresponding size. It is a lightweight plug-in that provides predictability and helps with effective dependency management.Plug in documentationIt also lists various import syntax to let the plug-in show us the size of the dependency.

Here is an article that describes in detail the original author’s developmentThe motivation of the plug-in

2 File Utils

Although visual studio can enhance the ability to manage multiple files in visual studio, it may be necessary to enhance the ability of visual studio to manage multiple files. The file utils extension allows you to perform file operations through the command panel.

10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020

You can call up the command panel and select a file to perform simple file operations on it. In addition to basic operations related to folders, you can also copy, move, delete and rename files. It is a practical plug-in that allows you to manage project files without departing from the scope of visual studio code.

3 Project Manager

Using the file utils extension allows you to perform simple file operations, while the project manager plug-in allows you to further manage multiple projects. First, it adds a new sidebar to support multiple projects. Second, the extension can also help you manage git, SVN, or mercurial repositories. It allows us to further manage remote repositories.

10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020

In addition to GUI Based functionality, this extension adds commands to be used with projects. You can adjust the settings and further customize its functions according to your preference.

10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020

With advanced features such as remote repository management and interactive commands, project manager extensions provide some toolkits in your tools, which can extend your development cycle.

4 SVG Viewer

Svg refers to scalable vector graphics, and SVG files are text files that store network vector images. If you open SVG files in a text editor, the text content of these files is usually displayed. If you are editing these files directly, you may want to see how visual studio code renders them.

10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020

The SVG viewer plug-in allows you to visualize SVG files, saving you time viewing your work with other applications. In essence, it saves you time editing SVG files quickly.

5 Code Spell Checker

A large number of exceptions encountered by developers can usually be resolved by correcting spelling errors in variables, functions, and package names. In addition, you may make spelling mistakes when writing comments, instructions or documents. This package helps to highlight errors in files. It helps you check the spelling of various popular programming languages. You can also adjust the settings for code spell checker to work with specific file types.

10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020

Although it is installed in English, the additional dictionary can be used in eight languages and medical terms. All in all, it adds a small but powerful feature to your excellent visual studio code extension library.

6 Remote — SSH

Due to the distributed nature of development, you may need to log in to a remote server to update and test your code. Although they can be easily managed through a third-party SSH client, there is a visual studio code extension that allows you to work remotely on the server without leaving the application entirely.

10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020

Microsoft’s remote SSH plug-in allows you to connect to a remote development environment without having to include any code on your local system. It also allows you to switch between multiple remote environments, allowing you to perform multiple tasks between multiple remote systems. In addition, the plug-in also supports connecting to remote systems based on Linux, windows or MacOS. Nowadays, it is very important to develop on remote server, which also makesRemote SSH plug-inBecome an essential extension of visual studio code.

7 Trailing Whitespace Visualizer

A good programming habit is to make sure your code doesn’t contain any trailing spaces. Trailing spaces are composed of any spaces or tabs (which are essentially invisible) after the last non space character in any line of code before the new line character. The training whitespace visualizer plug-in highlights all such trailing blanks in the code.

10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020

Trailing spaces are unnecessary additions to your code and increase the size of the file, so it’s a good idea to remove them. This plug-in highlights them not only in your code, but also when you use code written by other team members.

8 Debugger for Chrome

When you’re using front-end JavaScript code, the common way to test whether your code is correct is on the browser. Chrome dev tools provides a practical way to debug JavaScript through the console. The debugger for chrome plug-in integrates visual studio code into chrome or supportsChrome development tool protocolBased on chrome.

10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020

There are many debugging features that allow you to identify errors in your code without leaving the IDE. In short, chrome debugger extensions can save time during normal debugging.

9 ESLint

Eslint is a static JavaScript code analyzer. It scans your code for syntax errors and inefficient programming practices.ESlint Visual StudioThe extension integrates eslint with visual studio code ide to analyze JavaScript code on demand. However, it requires eslint to be installed locally or on your global system.

10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020

10 Live Server

The live server extension of visual studio code allows you to run a local development server to test your code. It has real-time reload function for static and dynamic web pages.

10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020

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10 most recommended vs Code plug-ins in 2020