10 GitHub repositories every developer should know



Not only is GitHub home to the most interesting open source projects on the internet, but it’s also a great place to share everything from free books to APIs, product roadmaps to project ideas to project proposals.

However, due to the sheer volume, you might have a hard time finding repositories that are actually useful.

So I’ve put together a list of ten great repositories that should be of value to most web and software developers.

All of these will add value to you and help you become a better web or software developer, or both.

1. Free Programming Books

GitHub🌟:183K +

available in various languagesFree Programming BooksUndoubtedly one of the most popular and highly rated repositories on GitHub. Although its name is “book”, it provides more than that.

It also contains free online courses, interactive programming resources, problem sets and programming competitions, programming lab environments and podcasts in various programming languages, and cheat sheets.

This makes it a great repository as it contains a large number of programming books.

2. Developer Roadmap

GitHub🌟:155K +

Stuck on a problem? Still need some advice to guide you into the developer industry? thisstorehousewill help you. It has all the skills you need to become a front-end, back-end or DevOps engineer. You can choose the one that fits your needs or suits you as it offers a wide variety of technologies.

3. OSSU Computer Science

GitHub🌟:81K +

If you don’t have a relevant CV or degree in computing but would like to achieve the same level then thisstorehousePerfect for you. It is suitable for those who wish to master all the fundamentals of computing disciplines. It provides everything to help you teach yourself computer science, and it has a community of learners around the world.

Because the course assumes that those who study it have already received general education (a non-computer education), the starting point for the syllabus is the undergraduate degree requirements for computer science majors minus the general education requirements. These are some of the best courses in the world, usually from Harvard, Princeton, MIT, etc.

4. Awesome

GitHub🌟:158K +

As the name describes, it has a greatthe list, lists interesting topics ranging from computer science to media, gaming to business, and the list continues.

5. Build your own X

GitHub🌟:103K +

If you believe in the principle of “learning by doing” thenstorehouseIt has the potential to be where you stop at GitHub every day. It has links to resources to help you build your own cryptocurrency, databases, bots, BitTorrent clients, and more.

6. Coding Interview University

Github🌟:165K +

Coding Interview UniversityThere is a multi-month study program for engineers who intend to get into Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple or any other big software company. It provides advice on how to study to become a Reliability Engineer or Operations Engineer. It also has links to learning directories to quickly refresh your knowledge and stay updated, created by authors who found jobs at Amazon this way. There are many other engineers with similar experiences here.

7. Public Apis

GitHub🌟:118K +

Public ApisA collection of all the free APIs available on the web for your personal or professional projects. It provides a wide range of application programming interfaces (APIs), such as business, animation, animals, news, finance, games, etc.

8. Technical Interview Handbook

GitHub🌟:51K +

Technical Interview HandbookAll materials required for technical interviews are provided. It contains various materials on how to prepare for coding interviews, suitable questions to ask interviewers, tips on how to write a resume, and more.

9. Getting Started with System Design

GitHub🌟:127K +

System Design Primeris a great repository for software engineers to help you learn how to design large systems. Help you become a better engineer. This repository provides an organized collection of resources on this broad topic.

Because system design is often an integral part of the technical interview process in many companies, this repository also helps with study guides, advice on mastering how to conduct interviews, interview questions and solutions, Anki flashcard sets You prepare for interviews with interactive learning and coding challenges.

10. Design resources for developers

GitHub🌟:25K +

ShouldstorehouseFeaturing a curated list of design and UI resources including stock photos, web templates, CSS frameworks, UI libraries, tools and more, free to use in your projects and applications. It provides all the template content you need to start your web development project.


Awesome Repos

Awesome ReposIt’s only been out for a few weeks and already has a lot of likes on GitHub. It gathers a wealth of resources in one warehouse, and all you have to do is visit this warehouse. The attention of this warehouse is still growing, and PR is welcome.

I hope these repositories are also useful to you and use them to become a better software engineer. thanks for reading!

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