1 yuan to use the blockchain service! Baidu super chain officially launched open network to build blockchain infrastructure


On January 6, baidu super chain officially launched “open network” to empower small and medium-sized enterprises and developers. It is reported that,Open network is a basic service network of blockchain based on the open source technology developed by Baidu. It is composed of super alliance nodes distributed throughout the country. It conforms to Chinese standards and provides users with an environment for rapid deployment and operation of blockchain applications, as well as the flexible payment ability of computing, storage and other resources. It directly reduces the deployment and operation and maintenance costs of users and makes the trust link more reliable Convenience.

In May last year, baidu super chain officially opened up the bottom technology of blockchain developed independently. Up to now, tens of thousands of developers have used Baidu’s technology. When providing technical support for developers, baidu super chain found that the R & D cost of blockchain is high, the entry threshold is high, and the resource investment is large. Even with the independent and controllable underlying technology, most enterprises and individuals are still unable to build their own alliance chain and private chain smoothly. In addition, in 2020, the industrial blockchain will move from “benchmarking application” to “large-scale replication”, ushering in an outbreak. All things will be on the chain, and all the people will be on the chain. The popularization of blockchain technology needs safe, controllable and easy-to-use infrastructure to undertake.

According to reports, baidu super chain open network has four advantages.

First, independent, safe and reliable.Based on the xuberchain technology, which is completely independently developed and open source by Baidu, xuberchain has passed the evaluation of No.1 and No.4 electronic institutes with high scores, meeting the requirements of China’s blockchain standards.

Second, flexible, convenient and low threshold.Blockchain technology can be used without building a chain. At the same time, rich contract templates and powerful functional components are provided. The “fool like” operation can effectively reduce the use threshold of developers and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Third,The cost of flexible payment is low.It has the ability of flexible payment for computing, storage and other resources, and can realize flexible billing on demand.

Fourth,The nodes are open and the public trust is strong.It is composed of Super League nodes distributed throughout the country. At present, it has introduced seven super nodes including Tsinghua University, iqiyi and other authoritative institutions. At the same time, it is open to the public and has strong credibility.

In the open network online press conference, baidu super chain uses an example to explain the role of open network. Compared with the baas service, users can directly use the blockchain service without connecting the chain, and the charging method is more flexible and the cost is lower. Open networks pay according to the actual usage of storage and computing resources. Taking the requirement of three nodes as an example, a medium-sized DAPP product has 10000 transactions per day,It costs about 7000 yuan a year to deploy an application using an open network. If you use baas service, it costs at least 50000 yuan.

In order to make users better experience the open network,From January to March, the national public beta was launched.After a simple application, a smart contract can be deployed for only 1 yuan, and the public test is a formal network environment, and all data will be retained.

Baidu super chain has been committed to the research and development of domestic self research and independent innovation blockchain technology, with more than 190 technical patents. Relying on Baidu’s artificial intelligence, big data and other leading technologies, it has innovated and combined with blockchain technology, launched more than 10 full scene, industry wide and domain wide solutions, and created national benchmark cases of justice, medical care, finance, etc. After the launch of open-source blockchain technology, it is expected that the blockchain developers will continue to achieve better convergence of open-source technology and blockchain.

Finally, attach the public beta strategy!

1. Public test time: January 2020 – March 2020

2. Public beta address: https://xchain.baidu.com/n/ne…

3. During the activity, the public beta resources enjoy ultra-low discount, and 1 application deployment can be completed with 1 yuan +

4. The public test is a formal network environment, and all data will be retained

5. After the application is passed, it will be informed by email and open the public beta permission, and then you can log in to the relevant page of the official website for operation experience

Poke the video below, hand in hand to teach you to use the open network!

Video address: https://v.qq.com/x/page/s3047…