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1. Create a shopping table in MySQL. One of the fields is to record the shopping time (accurate to seconds), so the more appropriate data type of this field is ().

  • A. DATE
  • B. TIME

2. In bootstrap 4, the following statement is correct

  • A. < 576px pixels is a super small screen, which can be used col-*
  • B. Those with ≥ 576px pixels are small screens, which can be used col-sm-*
  • C. Those with ≥ 768px pixels are medium screens, which can be used for display col-md-*
  • D. Those with ≥ 992px pixels are large screens, which can be used col-lg-*
  • E. Those with ≥ 1200px pixels are oversized screens, which can be used for display col-xl-*

3. The following tags are HTML5 structure tags ()

  • A. header
  • B. footer
  • C. nav
  • D. hgroup
  • E. p

4. Using Ajax can bring convenience ()

  • A. Reduce the burden on the server
  • B. No refresh update page
  • C. External data can be called
  • D. JavaScript scripts may not be used

5. What key names can be used for arrays in PHP?

  • A. Numeric key name
  • B. Subscript
  • C. null
  • D. Text (or string) key name

6. In mysql, the correct statement about database recovery is ()

  • A. Executing the SQL statements in the backed up SQL file can achieve the purpose of database recovery
  • B. Source command the command to recover the database is: source / path / DB_ name. sql
  • C. The syntax of using the MySQL command to restore the database is: MySQL? u username ? p [dbname] < /path/db_ name. sql
  • D. The source command restores the database. Like the MySQL command, it can be executed in the DOS command window

7. The technologies that make up Ajax are ()

  • A. DOM
  • B. XML
  • C. JS
  • D. HTML

8. The following statement is correct ()

  • A. All tags representing the title in HTML should use H1
  • B. You should use H1 as the main heading (the most important), followed by H2 (the second most important), followed by H3, and so on.
  • C. The appropriate title tag should be used according to the hierarchical relationship of the content in the page.
  • D. The H1 tag is used to describe the title at the top of the page.

9. In mysql, the following statements about data types are correct ()

  • A. Varchar type and char type are both string types. There is no difference
  • B. For a field of varchar (4), an error of too long length will be reported when inserting “ABCDEF”
  • C. The length of varchar type is fixed, and the length of char type is variable
  • D. For the field of char (2), when inserting “ABC”, the number of characters is 2, and “ab” is inserted into the database

10. In laravel, the correct statement about page Jump is

  • A. return redirect(‘home/test’); The method of redirect jump in the controller;
  • B. < a href = {{route (‘test ‘)} > Home Page < / a >, this method is for command routing;
  • C. < a href = {{route (‘test ‘)} > Home Page < / a >, you can also use this method instead of naming routes;
  • D. <a href= {{ action(‘ [email protected] ‘}} > Home Page < a >

11. The correct statement about restful API is ()

  • A. It is an API standard, stateless request
  • B. The requested routing address is fixed
  • C. The standards used are post . put . delete
  • D. All the above statements are correct

12. PHP allows the following annotation symbols:

  • A. //
  • B. Closed paragraph
  • C. #
  • D. / * and * / closed paragraphs

13. What is the correct difference between session and cookie?

  • A. Both session and cookie can record data status.
  • B. There cannot be output before setting session and cookie.
  • C. Use cookies before using them_ The start() function starts.
  • D. Use session before using session_ The start() function starts.

14. The correct expression of HTML tag is ()

  • A. Div tags are mainly used for layout
  • B. The code indentation in HTML tags is for easy reading
  • C. < div > < p > Web front end < / div ></p>
  • D. UL, H tags cannot be nested in < div >

15. What are the types of transform ()

  • A. scale
  • B. skew
  • C. translate
  • D. rotate

16. In mysql, the following () statements are used for transaction commit or rollback

  • B. BEGIN
  • D. SAVE

17. The status of promise is ()

  • A. Unfulfilled
  • B. Pause
  • C. Resolved
  • D. Rejected

18. The following statement about HTML5 is correct ()

  • A. Websql API is added to HTML5 standard
  • B. HTML5 supports versions above IE8 (including IE8)
  • C. HTML5 is still improving
  • D. HTML5 will replace flash in mobile devices

19. The following statement is correct

  • A. HTML5 standard links are underlined by default
  • B. Bootstrap links are underlined by default
  • C. The bootstrap link is underlined only in the hover state
  • D. Bootstrap links are never underlined

20. What is correct about the href jump in the laravel view

  • A. <a href= {{ url(‘home/test’) }} >
  • B. <a href= {{ route(‘test’) }} >
  • C. <a href= {{ action(‘[email protected]’) }} >
  • D. All the above are correct

21. What are the status values returned by the XMLHttpRequest object?

  • A. 0
  • B. 1
  • C. 2
  • D. 3
  • E. 4
  • F. 5

22. In PHP, the inequality operator is ()

  • A. ≠
  • B. !=
  • C. <>
  • D. ><

23. In mysql, the correct description of creating a data table is ()

  • A. Data tables can be created with the CREATE TABLE statement
  • B. The name of data table under Windows system cannot be repeated, but it is case sensitive
  • C. When creating a data table, you can judge whether it exists through the optional if not exists statement
  • D. Data tables can also be created through visual database management software such as sqlyog

24. The following statement about the bootstrap paging component is correct

  • A. Use the pagination class to implement
  • B. pagination-lg、. The pagination SM class provides additional sizes to choose from.
  • C. The disabled class is not available for page flipping links
  • D. The pre class and the next class can represent the previous page and the next page

25. The following statement about avoiding the problem of duplicate names of JavaScript multi person development functions is correct ()

  • A. Prefix the function name according to the functions implemented by different developers
  • Base note: B. each developer encapsulates his function into a class and then calls even if the function name is the same, but because it is a class. Function name, so it also reduces the possibility of repetition
  • C. Closures can be used to avoid contamination of global variables
  • D. None of the above is correct

26. Which of the following are the basic technologies used in Ajax applications? ()

  • A. Html is used to create web forms and determine the fields used by other parts of the application
  • B. Javascript code is the core code for running Ajax applications and helps improve communication with server applications.
  • C. DHTML or dynamic HTML is used to update the form statically. We will use div, span and other static HTML elements to mark HTML
  • D. The Document Object Model DOM is used (through JavaScript code) to process HTML structures and, in some cases, XML returned by the server.

27. In bootstrap, the following statement is correct about the navigation bar?

  • A. To create a collapsed navigation bar, you can add class = “navbar toggle”, data toggle = “collapse” and data target = “#thetarget” classes on the button
  • B. An inline form needs to be added to the < form > element Form inline class
  • C. The justify content center class sets the navigation center display
  • D. Navbar fixed top and navbar fixed bottom can be used to fix the navigation bar to the top or bottom

28. In mysql, the correct statement about index is ()

  • A. Indexes are not required in the data table, as the case may be
  • B. Columns that appear in where and join are often suitable for indexing
  • C. Only one field can be set as a unique index in a data table
  • D. It is not appropriate to add an index to a field column whose data value changes frequently

29. In PHP, about array_ The function of push () is incorrect

  • A. Pop the first element of the array
  • B. Pop up the last element of the array
  • C. Push one or more elements into the end of the array
  • D. Inserts one or more elements at the beginning of the array

30. Please select all inline block elements ()

  • A. img
  • B. input
  • C. textarea
  • D. select

31 the correct description of trigger is ()

  • A. It is a special stored procedure related to the table event insert update delete
  • B. Use show triggers to view triggers
  • C. Using drop trigger trigger_ Name delete trigger
  • D. The execution of a trigger is triggered by an event

32. What are the correct statements about MySQL database operation ()

  • A. Drop database database name
  • B. Create database database name
  • C. Alter database database name
  • D. Show database database name;

33. The following is the method of canvas ()

  • A. getContext( )
  • B. fill( )
  • C. stroke ( )
  • D. controller( )

34. The three characteristics of object-oriented are ()

  • A. Encapsulation
  • B. Inherit
  • C. Polymorphism
  • D. Interface

35. In the PHP class definition, the access control of attributes or methods is realized by adding keywords in front. The following options belonging to access control keywords are ()

  • A. public
  • B. private
  • C. protected
  • D. default

36. The wrong statement about the function of unique index is ()

  • A. Ensure that the values of each row on the index cannot be repeated
  • B. Ensure that the value of each row on this index cannot be null
  • C. Ensure that the columns participating in the unique index shall not participate in other indexes
  • D. Ensure that the unique index cannot be deleted

37. The video format supported by HTML5 is ()

  • A. ogg
  • B. mp4
  • C. flv
  • D. WebM

38. What are the super global variables in PHP ()

  • A. $_GLOBALS
  • B. $_POST
  • C. $_FILES
  • D. $_COOKIE

39. What are the magic constants provided by PHP ()

  • A. __LINE__
  • B. __FILE__
  • C. __DIR__
  • D. __FUNCTION__

40. What are the ways in which PHP is used for output ()

  • A. echo
  • B. print
  • C. print_r
  • D. var_dump

41. What are the methods of sending requests using jQuery Ajax ()

  • A. $.get( )
  • B. $.post( )
  • C. $.send( )
  • D. $.ajax( )

42. Which of the following technologies involve front-end and back-end interaction ()

  • A. cookie
  • B. ajax
  • C. jsonp
  • D. canvas

43. Some interesting new features in HTML5 include ()

  • A. Canvas element for painting
  • B. Video and audio elements for media playback
  • C. Better support for local offline storage
  • D. New semantic elements, such as article, footer, header, NAV, section

44. Bootstrap 4 grid system has the following ()

  • A. Col – for all devices
  • B. Col SM flat panel – screen width equal to or greater than 576px
  • C. Col MD desktop display screen width equal to or greater than 768px
  • D. Col LG large desktop display – screen width equal to or greater than 992px
  • E. Col XL – large desktop display – screen width equal to or greater than 1200px

45. Bootstrap 4 provides some representative color classes ()

  • A. text-primary
  • B. text-success
  • C. text-info
  • D. text-warning

46. In MySQL language, the correct description of index is ()

  • A. Index general index
  • B. Primary key primary key index
  • C. Unique unique index
  • D. Count statistics index

47. The following permission modifiers that can be used in PHP definition classes are ()

  • A. public
  • B. private
  • C. protected
  • D. default

48. Which of the following clauses () can be used in MySQL query statements

  • A. order by
  • B. where
  • C. limit
  • D. group by

49. In the PHP language, the correct description of constants is ()

  • A. You can use the define method to define
  • B. Const language structure definition can be used
  • C. Constants are automatic global and can be used throughout the script
  • D. Const defines constants much faster than the define function

50. In JavaScript, the following statements about custom functions are correct ()

  • A. The keyword of the custom function is “function”
  • B. Custom functions must have arguments
  • C. The parameters accepted when a custom function is called can be constants, variables, or other expressions
  • D. The keyword of the returned result of the custom function is “return”

What commands are commonly used by avsan

  • A. php artisan make:controlle
  • B. php artisan make:model
  • C. php artisan make:middleware
  • D. php artisan route:list

52. In PHP, the correct statement about session is ()

  • A. session_ Start() starts the session
  • B. Use$_ Session super global variable access session
  • C. Isset can be used to determine whether a session is set
  • D. You can use unset () or session_ The destroy() function destroys the session

53. Which of the following are methods of sorting PHP arrays ()

  • A. sort
  • B. rsort
  • C. asort
  • D. ksort

54. What are the BOM objects in JS ()

  • A. Window
  • B. Screen
  • C. History
  • D. Locatio

55. The input types added in HTML5 include ()

  • A. email
  • B. video
  • C. url
  • D. range

56. In JavaScript, the following are mouse response events ()

  • A. onmouseover
  • B. onmouseout
  • C. onkeydown
  • D. onmousedown

57. Among the following tags, those belonging to block level elements are ()

  • A. Span label
  • B. Strongtag
  • C. DT tag
  • D. P tag

58. Of the following options, the correct selector is ()

  • A. strong{color:#333333;font-size:12px}
  • B. #strong{color:#333333;font-size:12px}
  • C. Class{color:#333333;font-size:12px}
  • D. .strong{color:#333333;font-size:12px}

59. In HTML 5, the element used to play video and audio files is ()

  • A. < video > element
  • B. < audio > element
  • C. < Music > element
  • D. < move > element

60. Which of the following are inequality operators () in PHP

  • A. ≠
  • B. !=
  • C. <>
  • D. ><

61. In MySQL database, the ways to create a unique index are ()

  • A. Create index
  • B. Create table
  • C. Set primary key constraint when creating table
  • D. Set unique constraints when creating tables

62. In the commodity management system, jQuery AJAX is used to send requests to query all commodity information and display it to the interface. At least what attributes need to be set in jQuery Ajax ()

  • A. url
  • B. type
  • C. data
  • D. success

63. For the following laravel routing configuration code, if the relevant control classes, methods and template files exist, the correct one is ()

  • A. Route::post(“/login”, “[email protected]”);
  • B. Route::get(“/index”, function(){ return view(“index”);});
  • C. Route::match([“get”, “post”], “/reg”, “[email protected]”);
  • D. Route::any([“get”, “post”], “/user/{id}”, function($id){ return “user ”.$id;});

64. In the bootstrap grid system, it is suitable for mobile terminal ultra small devices (< 576px) and mobile terminal flat devices (< 768px). The class prefix used is ()

  • A. col-md-
  • B. col-lg-
  • C. col-
  • D. col-sm-

65. In PHP, the loop can be realized by ()

  • A. for
  • B. break
  • C. while
  • D. waiting

66. Use the restful API specification to design the user management module interface. When designing the new user interface and query user interface, the verbs are () respectively

  • A. POST
  • B. PUT
  • C. GET

67. If an SC table is created with the following SQL statement:
When inserting the following data into the SC table, which data can be successfully inserted ()

  • A. (‘201009’, ‘111’, 60, ‘compulsory’)
  • B. (‘200823′,’101’,NULL,NULL)
  • C. (null, ‘103’, 80, ‘elective’)
  • D. (‘201132′,NULL,86,’101’)

68. What is included in xampp Suite ()

  • A. PHP
  • B. Apache
  • C. MySQL
  • D. Chrome

69. The composite data type supported by PHP is ()

  • A. Boolean boolean type
  • B. Array array
  • C. Resource resource type
  • D. Object object

70. In order to adapt to mobile devices, HTML pages can control the viewport with meta tags, which of the following attributes can be controlled in meta tags ()

  • A. initial-scale
  • B. user-scalable
  • C. max-width
  • D. min-width

71. The following statement about bootstrap grid system is correct ()

  • A. Each row of the grid system cannot be less than 12 columns
  • B. Create a set of “columns” in the horizontal direction through “row”
  • C. “Row” must be included in Container (fixed width) or Container fluid (100% width) in order to give it appropriate alignment and padding
  • D. If the “column” contained in a “row” is greater than 12, the elements of the redundant “column” will be arranged in another row as a whole

72. In CSS3 company, which relative font size attributes are used to calculate ()

  • A. vh
  • B. em
  • C. vw
  • D. rem

73. The array sorting function in PHP has ().

  • A. array()
  • B. sort
  • C. rsort
  • D. key

74. The date time correlation functions in PHP are ().

  • A. data()
  • B. getdate()
  • C. strtotime()
  • D. time()

75. Bootstrap provides a series of table styles. Please find the mouse highlight and border table ().

  • A. table_striped
  • B. table_bordered
  • C. table-responsive
  • D. table_hover

76. The following statement is correct ().

  • A. Html is responsible for the structure of web pages
  • B. CSS is responsible for the content of web pages
  • C. JavaScript is responsible for solving interactivity problems
  • D. CSS is responsible for beautifying web pages

77. The correct statement about laravel is ().

  • A. Laravel is a PHP framework developed in China
  • B. Laravel can be installed using composer
  • C. Laravel’s configuration files are stored in the config folder
  • D. Route:: get and route:: Post methods can be used to register routes

78. The functions needed to draw graphics in PHP are ().

  • A. imagecreate()
  • B. imagedestroy()
  • C. random()
  • D. explode()

79. The following JavaScript implements inheritance in the correct way ().

  • A. Prototype chain inheritance
  • B. Constructor inheritance
  • C. Combinatorial inheritance
  • D. Associative inheritance

80. The statements used to import other files in PHP are ().

  • A. require()
  • B. require_once()
  • C. include()
  • D. include_once()

81. The correct statement about PHP operator is ().

  • A. + + $X means post increment. First return the variable $X and then add 1
  • B. The string operator is “.” (full stop in English)
  • C. < > means not equal to, and= The same effect
  • D. The @ symbol can ignore errors in expressions

82.mysqli_ Connect ($A1, $A2, $A3, $A4) has four parameters, which respectively represent the meaning of ().

  • A. $A1 represents MySQL server address
  • B. $A2 represents the port number
  • C. $A3 represents user name
  • D. $A4 for password

83. Generally, PHP code will be embedded in HTML documents, and the spacers used are ().

  • A. <?php ?>
  • B. <script language=”php”></script>
  • C. <% %>
  • D. <php></php>

84. With regard to JSON, the correct statement is ().

  • A. JSON is a lightweight data exchange format
  • B. JSON objects consist of comma separated members enclosed in curly braces
  • C. JSON is a string representation of JavaScript objects
  • D. JSON relies on the jQuery framework

85. One of the object-oriented features is encapsulation. Which of the following keywords are used to restrict the access rights of class members? ( )

  • A. class
  • B. protected
  • C. private
  • D. static

86. The string type of MySQL is ().

  • A. text
  • B. char
  • C. blob
  • D. year

87. Which of the following files are bootstrap font icon files ()

  • A. glyphicons-halflings-regular.eot
  • B. glyphicons-halflings-regular.svg
  • C. glyphicons-halflings-regular.txt
  • D. glyphicons-halflings-regular.ttf

88. The variables used to retrieve form information in PHP are ()

  • A. $_GET
  • B. $_POST
  • C. $_DELETE
  • D. $_UPDATE

89. The classes in the bootstrap table that can represent different operations are ()

  • A. error
  • B. success
  • C. danger
  • D. active

90. Here are the new tags in HTML5 ()

  • A. header
  • B. nav
  • C. footer
  • D. hr

91. The functions used in PHP to obtain a row of data from the result set as an array are()

  • A. mysqli_fetch_array()
  • B. mysqli_fetch_object()
  • C. mysqli_fetch_assoc()
  • D. mysqli_fetch_row()

92. Which of the following options is correct for the article element()

  • A. The contentditable attribute cannot be used with an article element
  • B. Text or embedded content
  • C. Both start and end tags are required
  • D. Can be used to provide author information

93. Which of the following are not server-side dynamic web programming languages?()

  • A. CSS
  • B. PHP
  • C. LESS
  • D. AJAX

94. The functions of PHP include:()

  • A. extends
  • B. upload
  • C.include
  • D. require

95. Which of the following DOM methods return arrays()

  • A. document.getElementsByName
  • B. document.getElementsByTagName
  • C. document.getElementById
  • D. document.getElementByName

96. What are the correct statements about MySQL table creation requirements()

  • A. auto_ Increment indicates whether the column is numbered automatically
  • B. auto_ The increment column may not be indexed
  • C. To view the table structure, you can use show tables; command
  • D. A table can only have one primary key constraint

97. Which of the following are the features of MySQL transactions( )。

  • A. Atomicity
  • B. Consistency
  • C. Isolation
  • D. Persistence

98. Which of the following technologies can be used for ajax data transmission()

  • A. The contentditable attribute cannot be used with an article element
  • B. JSON
  • C. DOM
  • D. XML

99. In bootstrap 4, the following () belong to the positioning tool class

  • A. .position-static
  • B. .position-relative
  • C. .position-absolute
  • D. .position-fix

100. One of the object-oriented features is encapsulation. In PHP, which of the following keywords are used to restrict the access rights of class members?()

  • A. *
  • B.%
  • C. _
  • D. $

101. In bootstrap 4, the standard usage of grid system is correct()

  • A. <div class= “container “><div class= “row “></div></div>
  • B. <div class= “row “><div class= “col-md-1 “></div></div>
  • C. <div class= “row “><div class= “container “></div></div>
  • D. <div class= “col-md-1”><div class= “row “></div></div>