1. Spoole Basics – Overview


Swoole foundation course launched! Starting from zero basis, you can master the spool step by step.

Most of the traditional PHPer are used to develop web applications, and most of them are developed with frameworks such as Yii, laravel and TP.

However, phpers are unable to cope with problems such as instant messaging and long connection.

In the past few years, spoole has completely subverted PHP and become a skill that PHPer must master and improve themselves.

So the question is, what is a spool?

Spool is a PHP extension based on C, similar to mysqli, curl and so on. But spool is more powerful. It almost redefines the height of PHP and makes PHP more impeccable. Also let PHPer’s prospect be more broad!

So what are the benefits of this extension that can help us? In other words, why should we learn about spool?

As we just said, the function of spool is to solve some defects of PHP (of course, PHP is the best language), such as instant messaging, asynchronous tasks, message queuing and so on. For wage oriented programming, it’s almost necessary for us to master swoole. With spool, it seems that we can better keep pace with the times.

Wait a minute, you will ask, why do I want to learn your spoole tutorial?

I believe many students who come into contact with spool will complain, why can’t they always learn such a good thing; The official documents are careless and confusing; In addition, phpers are born with a lack of basic knowledge needed by spoole. What’s more, I firmly believe that there is no good introductory course for spoole, which makes the door of spoole turn down many people.

Want to improve PHP technology? Swoole is definitely your best choice!