0x80070422 error in win10 home edition upgrade professional edition


Rest at home on weekends and want to study.
But a software needs win10 enterprise / professional edition to use.
I installed the home version
Well, start the upgrade:

Search and get 2 legendary upgrade keys:
PS. if the first one doesn’t work, try the second one

Then, go to (control panel all control panel item systems) and click change product key to change your key.
Unexpectedly, there was an error in entering the key:
0x80070422 error in win10 home edition upgrade professional edition

This… It probably means that you can’t connect to Microsoft’s so and so service.
Because this question Baidu for a long time, there is no useful answer.
Some said that the third-party security software caused some system services to be shut down, resulting in failure to update.
Some also said that the key is not easy to use, so we should try it several times. (this statement is really bullshit!)

So I tried to find out what system services were not turned on, and then took the initiative to turn them on.
Then I found that the description of this service seems to have something to do with upgrading and installation. Open it and try:
0x80070422 error in win10 home edition upgrade professional edition

Then it can be upgraded. I’m so happy.
The upgraded system is not activated. If it needs to be activated, you need to change the valid key to continue activation.
Where is the activation key?
Support genuine, please go to the official channel to buy!
(it is said that there is also a treasure on it, I don’t know ~ ha ha)

I specially take notes here. I hope I can help you.

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