0x00004005 what does the error code mean? 0x00004005 error code solution


We sometimes encounter the error code “0x00004005” when using the computer, but many friends still don’t know how to fix this error code. Let’s work with Xiaobian to see how to solve this problem.

Method 1

1. If you are unable to connect after setting, then enter the network settings and select change adapter options.

2. Right click the network and click properties.

3. Verify that file and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks is installed.

4. If not, select it and click “Install” below. After installation, you can connect the printer.

Method II

1. First press the “win+r” shortcut key to open the operation box.

2. Enter “services.msc” and click “OK” below to open the service list.

3. Then locate and open the “server” service.

4. Then find “startup type” in it, change it to “automatic”, and then click “startup” below.

5. After setting, click “OK” below to save, and then try to connect the printer.

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