03python network programming multithreaded server.

#Multithreading and single threading are actually similar. We have opened several more threads # to connect multiple clients, so that four clients can communicate with the server at the same time_ Utils # import thread module from threading import thread # defines the function and passes it into the socket. def start_ Threads (listener, workers = 4): # defines an ancestor, which is used to pass in the expression that creates the thread below. T = (listener,) # loop to create thread. For I in range (workers): # target is the function to be executed. Args is the input parameter. Note that it is the form of Yuanzu. Thread(target=zen_utils.accept_connections_forever, args=t).start()if __ name__ == '__ main__':     address = zen_ utils.parse_ command_ line('multi-threaded server')    listener = zen_ utils.create_ srv_ socket(address)    start_ threads(listener)

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