01 – initial golang


1 why learn golang

Generally, a new language appears to solve the defects of the existing language on the market. In other words, make a new balance between development efficiency, execution efficiency and resource occupation. For example, a language requires high development efficiency, high execution efficiency and less resource occupation. At present, this is an impossible problem. We can only make a balance between them, so at this timegolangIt has the characteristics of rapid development (compared with C + +), efficient execution (compared with Python) and less resource occupation (compared with Java). If you think C language and C + + are too difficult, python execution efficiency is too low, it is difficult to find a job as a first language, and Java is too heavy, then come and learn golang.

2. Establishment of golang environment (windows10)

2.1 download and install go language

reach https://studygolang.com/dl Download go installation package
The next step is to install them all. After installation, you can view the installation results through the following commands:

go version

go env

2.2 environment variable configuration

2.2.1 GOROOT

Goroot points to the installation root directory of golang

2.2.2 GOPAHT

Gopath points to our development platform, which has three directoriesbinpkgsrc

  • Bin: contains executable files
  • PKG: contains package files or library files
  • SRC: contains the source code files

We can create a new directory, create the above three subdirectories, and point gopath to it.



3 helloworld

stayGOPATHCreate a hello directory in the subdirectory SRC of, and create a hello directory in the Hello directoryhello.goThe go code in the file is:

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {

Use the terminal to enter the Hello directory, and then build the compiler

C:\wfq\work\gojob\src\hello> go build

An executable file is then generatedhello
Execute the file

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