002 [installation notes] navicate installation



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First of all, bow to the big guys!!


1、 Installation

  • Download installation package and registration machine


Download address of software installation package https://down.rbread02.cn/down/pcsoft/8/11/navicat150_ mysql_ Cs_ x64.exe

(I originally wanted to find the registration code, but I found that the registration code of navicat15 is hard to find, QAQ)


Registration machine download address link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1_VLkKRGcDIXzo8ASbIv5_QExtraction code: xnty

(download Figure 1.1)



Figure 1.1 download screenshot of installation package


  • After installing the ontology, decompress the register machine and run it with administrator’s rights



The operation interface of the registration machine is shown in Figure 2.1



Figure 2.1 registration machine running interface

This registry is common to multiple versions of Navicat. According to the version of Navicat I downloaded, theproductschoiceMysql, other options defaultAs shown in Figure 2.2


Figure 2.2 product options screenshot



After the installation of the. 3. Exe, you can find it


Figure 2.3 screenshot of patch selection interface



When figure 2.4 pops up, it indicates that the activation code is ready to be generated


Figure 2.4 screenshot of pop-up window



Click the genesis button to generate the activation code (Fig. 2.5)


Figure 2.5 screenshot of activation code generation



Disconnect now!!

Disconnect now!!

Disconnect now!!

(disconnect network due to manual activation)



The following steps are not well described


After inputting the verification code, a pop-up window will pop up to indicate the activation failure. Select theManual activation


Copy a string of long codes generated by ontology to theRequest code boxIn the lower left corner, clickGenerate, in the activation code boxA series of new long codes will be generated and pasted back to the ontology. After confirmation, it can be activated successfully.


I have to say that the registration machine is really fragrant