002 common notes of springboot


Controller receives parameters

  1. @PathVariableGet path parameters
    • @GetMapping("/{depid}/{userid}")
      • func(@PathVariable("depid") int dep_id){}
      • func(@PathVariable("userid") int user_id){}
  2. @RequestParamGet query parameters
    • http://www.baidu.com?name= Zhang San & age = 18
      • func(@RequestParam("name") String name){}
      • func(@RequestParam("age") int age){}
      • func(@RequestParam("head_img") MultipartFile file){}Picture upload
  3. @RequestBody
    • "{Name: 'Zhang San', age:20 }
      1. func(@RequestBody Map<String, String> person){}
      2. System.out.println(person.get("name"));
  4. @RequestHeaderGet request header
  5. @CookieValueGet cookie
  6. HttpServletRequest
    • func(HttpServletRequest request){ String name = request.getParameter("name"); }

exception handling

  • @ControllerAdvice
  • @RestControllerAdviceIf you want to return JSON data, you can use this instead of adding it@ResponseBody
  • @ExceptionHandler(value=Exception.class)Catch global exceptions and handle all unknowable exceptions


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