? hyperf releases international components and multiple components v1.0.13 | enterprise level PHP microservice collaboration framework


Update content

This week’s update is mainly to add an internationalization component, hyperf / translation, which is a component contributed by community member chunhei2008. This component is a derivative version of the translation component based on laravel. At the same time, we also fixed some other component’s ? bugs, which were released in version 1.0.13.
For more detailed description of internationalization components, you can view the documents of internationalization components, or directly visit the official website https://hyperf.io or the document https://doc.hyperf.io.

Newly added

  • #449 added a new independent component, hyperf / translation, derived from illuminate / translation;
  • #449 adds standard error code to grpc server;
  • #450 isHyperf\Database\Schema\SchemaAdd corresponding static method annotation to the magic method of class to provide code reminder support for IDE;


  • #451 in use@AutoControllerWhen annotated, the corresponding route will no longer be automatically generated for magic methods;
  • #468 let the exception handlers provided by grpc server and HTTP server handle all exceptions, not justServerExceptionοΌ›


  • #466 fix the problem of wrong return type when data is insufficient during paging;
  • #466 optimizedvendor:publishCommand, when the target folder to be generated exists, it will not be generated repeatedly;

About hyperf

Hyperf is based onSwoole 4.3+The implementation of high-performance, high flexibility PHP cooperation framework, built-in cooperation server and a large number of commonly used components, performance based on traditionalPHP-FPMWhile providing ultra-high performance, our framework also maintains extremely flexible scalability. Standard components are implemented based on PSR standards, and based on strong dependency injection design, ensuring that most components or classes areReplaceableAndReusable.
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In addition to the common collaborative version ofMySQL client、Redis clientIt also provides you with a collaborative version ofEloquent ORM、Websocket server and client、JSON RPC server and client、Grpc server and client、Zipkin (opentracking) client、Guzzle HTTP client、Elasticsearch client、Consul client、Etcd client、AMQP component、Apollo configuration center、Alicloud ACM application configuration management、Etcd configuration center、Current limiter based on token bucket algorithm、Universal connection pool、Fuse、Swagger document generation、Swoole enterprise、Blade and Smarty view engineAnd other components save the trouble of implementing the corresponding version.

Hyperf also providesDependency injection container based on psr-11、annotation、AOP aspect oriented programming、Middleware based on psr-15、Custom process、Event manager based on psr-14、Redis / rabbitmq message queue、Automatic model caching、Cache based on psr-16、Crontab scheduled tasks、InternationalizationAnd other very convenient functions, to meet the rich technical and business scenarios, out of the box.

Original intention of framework

Although the framework based on PHP language development is in an era of a hundred flowers contending, we still can’t see a perfect framework with elegant design and ultra-high performance coexisting, nor a framework that really paves the way for PHP microservices. This is the original intention of hyperf and its team members. We will continue to invest in and make efforts for this, and welcome you to join us Source construction.

Design concept

Hyperspeed + Flexibility = HyperfFrom the name, we willSuper high speedandflexibilityAs a gene of hyperf.
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  • For ultra-high speed, we are based on the swoole process and make a lot of optimization in the framework design to ensure the output of ultra-high performance.
  • For flexibility, we are based on the powerful dependency injection component of hyperf, which is based on the contract of PSR standard and the contract implementation defined by hyperf, so that most of the components or classes in the framework are replaceable.

Based on the above characteristics, hyperf will have rich possibilities, such as the realization of single web services, API services, gateway services, distributed middleware, micro service architecture, game servers, Internet of things (IOT), etc.

Complete documentation

We have invested a lot of time in the construction of documents to solve various problems caused by the lack of documents. Documents also provide a large number of examples, which are also friendly to novices.
Hyperf official development document

Production available

We do a lot of unit tests for components to ensure the logic is correct. Currently, there are639Single survey1998Four assertion conditions and high-quality documents have been maintained. Before hyperf was officially opened to the outside world (June 20, 2019), it had passed the test of harsh production environment, and we officially opened the project to the outside world. Β Β 

Official website and communication

GitHub and star support us
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Hyperf official website
QQ group: 862099724