(3) Spring cloud microservice distributed Cloud Architecture – Introduction to spring cloud integration project


There are many spring cloud integration projects. Let’s list the excellent projects related to spring cloud. Many excellent projects are used in our enterprise architecture. Frankly speaking, they are integrated on the shoulders of giants. Before learning spring cloud, you must understand the related projects, hoping to help you.

Spring Cloud Config

Configuration management toolkit enables you to put configuration on remote servers and centrally manage cluster configuration. Currently, it supports local storage, GIT and subversion.

Spring Cloud Bus

Event and message bus are used to propagate state changes in the cluster (for example, configuration change events). Hot deployment can be implemented jointly with spring cloud config.


Cloud service discovery, a rest based service, is used to locate services, so as to realize cloud middle layer service discovery and fail over.


Fuse, a fault-tolerant management tool, aims to control the nodes of service and third-party library through the fuse mechanism, so as to provide more powerful fault-tolerant capability for delay and fault.


Zuul is a framework that provides dynamic routing, monitoring, flexibility, security and other edge services on cloud platform. Zuul is equivalent to the front door of all requests from the back end of the web site of the device and Netflix streaming application.


Configuration Management API, including a series of Configuration Management API, provides dynamic type properties, thread safe configuration operation, polling framework, callback mechanism and other functions.


Consul is a service discovery and configuration tool, which can be seamlessly integrated with docker container.

Spring Cloud for Cloud Foundry

Bind services to cloudfoundry through oauth2 protocol. Cloudfoundry is an open source PAAS cloud platform launched by VMware.

Spring Cloud Sleuth

Log collection toolkit, which encapsulates dapper and log based tracing, Zipkin and htrace operations, implements a distributed tracing solution for spring cloud applications.

Spring Cloud Data Flow

Big data operation tool, as an alternative product of spring XD, is a hybrid computing model, which combines the processing mode of stream data and batch data.

Spring Cloud Security

Spring security based security toolkit to add security controls to your application.

Spring Cloud Zookeeper

The toolkit for operating zookeeper is used for service discovery and configuration management in zookeeper mode.

Spring Cloud Stream

Data stream operation development package encapsulates sending and receiving messages with redis, rabbit, Kafka, etc.

Spring Cloud CLI

Based on spring boot cli, you can quickly build cloud components by command line.


It provides cloud load balancing. There are many load balancing strategies to choose from, which can be used with service discovery and circuit breaker.


Turbine is a tool for aggregation server to send event flow data, which is used to monitor metrics of hystrix in cluster.


Feign is a declarative and templated HTTP client.

Spring Cloud Task

Provide cloud planning, task management and task scheduling.

Spring Cloud Connectors

It is convenient for Cloud Applications to connect to the back end on various PAAS platforms, such as database and message broker services.

Spring Cloud Cluster

Provide the abstraction and implementation of leadership election, such as zookeeper, redis, hazelcast, consul and other common state patterns.

Spring Cloud Starters

Spring boot type startup project provides out of the box dependency management for spring cloud.

From now on, I will record the construction process and essence of the recently developed spring cloud microservice Cloud Architecture, so as to help more friends who are interested in developing spring cloud framework. Let’s discuss the construction process of spring cloud architecture and how to apply it to enterprise projects.

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