(1) Self study front-end development, now holding the offer of big factory, my story is still going on


Brief background

I’m a non professional programmer, and I’m a continuous cross professional. In a word, I’ll summarize it as follows:The 16th undergraduate course completed logistics, transferred postgraduates to transportation, self-taught suspended entrepreneurs of front-end development

After 17 years of suspension and entrepreneurship, I formally started to learn about the front end. After leaving the start-up company, I went back to further study. During this period, I never gave up the independent learning of front end development, and I also gained some offers in the autumn recruitment (20-year graduation) war of 19.

List some sp (special offer):

  • Meituan (o2o Internet company focusing on eating, drinking and playing)
  • Xiaomi (the youngest company among the top 500 companies in the world in 2019)
  • Shunfeng (middle and high end market of logistics industry)
  • Yuncong (one of the four star unicorns in artificial intelligence industry)
  • One plus (new high-end mobile phone market)

The specific salary level is based on the traditional logistics and transportation industries, which can be compared on some platforms.

After finding a satisfactory job, I now want to help all my friends who are willing to engage in front-end development work through their own efforts and reap the offer that suits them.

University education endows us with the ability of self-study. As long as we are interested and willing to work hard, it is OK to change careers and have a hot meal.

Now I will tell you the story of my own experience carefully. I will not pile up words, but seek truth, which may bring you some inspiration.

Experience can’t be copied, but experience can be spread.

Studying in school

The undergraduate major is logistics engineering, and the graduate major is traffic engineering. During my undergraduate course, I only studied VB (Visual Basic) and R language. Graduate students have not taken any computer courses, and all rely on self-study.

Of course, I have participated in many science and technology competitions and mathematical modeling competitions during my undergraduate course, and I am not interested in the management knowledge of logistics major. Therefore, when I went to Baoyan for further study, I chose a more engineering major – traffic engineering. At that time, I clearly realized that my computer knowledge was limited. At that time, I didn’t choose a serious computer major.

But there is an advantage of going to graduate school. You can choose your own direction. I chose data visualization as my research direction. Data visualization and computer are closely combined. Now it seems that my choice is right. The lab where I work is totally robbing students majoring in computer. My senior brother and senior sister who graduated from school are basically working with computers. Unfortunately, there are not many senior brothers and sisters in the Internet industry. I am one of the few students in my group who want to go to the Internet industry.

Throughout the undergraduate and postgraduate study experience, I have always had a clear goal. The goal of undergraduate is to get a good offer for further study in the University, and the goal of postgraduate is to get an offer from an Internet company. The education in the school only added a lot of knowledge to me and made a lot of friends. They are distributed in all walks of life. Through their eyes, I can see the ceiling of salary and promotion opportunities in traditional industries.

So it’s very important to set your goal earlier. Now you are still confused. You should calm down and think about what you will do in the next three years and in the next five years. Only when you think about everything clearly can you have a clear goal. The rest depends on execution. Of course, sticking to implementation is the hardest part.

The study time in the school is very precious, it is easy to be wasted by us. I was also confused for a while. After Baoyan, I felt that there was nothing to do. I chose to work part-time. I went to KFC during the day and worked as a tutor at night to earn money.

Although that time did not use the family money, has realized the economic independence. But if let me choose now, I will definitely use it to learn computer.

In the road to wealth and freedom, Li Xiaolai mentioned three skills that human beings must master in the future: English, computer and financial management. I believe his judgment is correct. After reading his description, I noticed that the children’s programming education around him began to rise. Now even Pan Shiyi is learning Python every day.

Therefore, after reading this article, non class friends should plan to learn more or less computer knowledge. If you want to eat it, you should spend more time on the accumulation of computer knowledge. Do not spend too much energy on extracurricular part-time jobs, games and entertainment.

To sum up, my university is just a “busy” word, playing games, writing papers, doing scientific research, doing public welfare. After four years of University, certificates of awards are filled with a shoebox.

Although I am not a computer major, I have mastered the ability of studying overnight and searching information quickly.

Near graduation from University, I aimed at another new thing – entrepreneurship, which I did conscientiously and with real guns.

Participation in Entrepreneurship

There are some special experiences in my experience, such as taking a break from school, starting a business, having a big pot of rice with a group of people and sleeping in a big shop. At that time, I brought my own computer, bought a second-hand monitor, and received a subsidy of 500 yuan per month, and invested in Entrepreneurship wholeheartedly. The partners cried together, got drunk, quarreled and finally parted ways. Now they are all right.

As early as April 2016, my university was about to graduate, and I temporarily decided to start a business with my alumni of the same class. We started with a small WeChat official account and set up a small company in Harbin in July that year. Later, the company developed well and moved to Beijing. In December, it set up a new company called Beijing uniwater Technology Co., Ltd. The company’s business is mainly for the Internet Education of postgraduate entrance examination students, so we have made a brand called Yunyi future.

The Internet traffic bonus was still there, QQ group could pull new, share some pirated videos and postgraduate entrance exams, and have accumulated about 300000 fans for our WeChat official account. As a result, some of our brothers want to expand their business a little, and maybe they will be free of wealth.

The momentum of the company has been developing very well. In February of 17, the number of fans of the official account exceeded 400 thousand. I decided to suspend my studies from Zhongshan University for a year to help the company grow. After the baby growth of a company, in February of 2018, due to some human factors, I left the company I founded by myself. Now Yunyi still exists in the future, but I totally disagree with what it has done. However, after I left the company, Yunyi’s future has nothing to do with me.

How do I embark on the road of front-end development? When the company was founded in 2016, I studied Dreamweaver (a tool for writing web pages) with a classmate who was studying in Tianjin University, and we were going to build a web page for you to download materials.

Because the undergraduate didn’t systematically learn the front-end development, only in an innovation and entrepreneurship competition, in order to meet the curiosity of the selected teachers, Dreamweaver wrote the first web page in life, but only in the local preview, and finally did not go online.

So, I don’t know how to build a web page and how it is deployed on the Internet. After two months of cutting pictures (self joking by front-end Engineers), we found that there were problems on the line.

Later, we were forced to seek outsourcing. At first, we wanted an information technology company in Harbin to help us build a web page. Several partners went to their company and listened to the engineers for a long time. The other side said that the website we wanted to build was too complex. It would take 12 days to build the whole website Ten thousand, and the source code of the website will not be given to us. We need to ask them to do the upgrade later. Of course, we also need to pay another maintenance fee. That day, we came back in disgrace. Let’s develop by ourselves. How can we have so much money to do it.

By chance, we met Taoge in Xi’an. Taoge is engaged in technology development in a military enterprise, mainly for the back-end, but he also knows the front-end development. We were in a hurry to do that website. We didn’t have time to think about it too much. After drafting an outsourcing agreement, we gave the website to Taoge for development. At that time, less than 10000 yuan was spent, and the functions were basically achieved.

The website has landed, but maintenance is still a problem. Taoge used a set of framework based on Java language CMC (content management system) to develop. At that time, there was no mature java development in our team. The set of things used by Taoge needed to be specially studied. In addition, few people in China use CMS to develop web pages. After Taoge finished developing the company’s official website, we took Taoge as a teacher and asked him to serve as a technical consultant, spending half a year to help us grow.

There are two students in the team who have done the back-end work. No one in the company has done the front-end work, so my classmates and Tianda chose to do the front-end work. We started from scratch and threw away the tools we used to develop web pages. We started directly from the fire of react at that time. We used Alibaba’s DVA as a scaffold tool. We tried our best to develop the first data upload system.

In this way, I muddled into the IT industry.

It took Taoge a week to teach us to write todolist and then tell us that we can start to make products. At that time, I didn’t know what a design pattern was, and why a real family bucket was used to develop web pages. I didn’t care about what their functions were. I just needed to develop the pages.

This is the case with startups. Products need to be iterated quickly and meet functional requirements. We don’t consider security, standardization, compatibility, etc.

After a year of front-end development, I played with the react framework. As long as the operation classmates and users need, we’ll investigate it and write it with react. Even if the development is completed, the work is not challenging.

So, in that year, I was in entry-level front-end development, not a mature front-end development. Master the basic API of JS, HTML and CSS, the skill of moving react wheel, the basic process of product development, and the team cooperation (GIT version management).

At this time, I still have no bottom in mind, because I haven’t read the red book (JavaScript advanced programming), and I can’t answer how many basic data types of JS.

So, after I went back to school, I picked up the books again, looked at them page by page, took notes, and reorganized the knowledge system. Only then did I discover the front-end development I had experienced before,It’s just an iceberg floating on the water surface. More important things are language characteristics, computer principles, data structures and algorithms.

In a word, thank you very much for the growth brought to me by this experience. Whether it’s the growth of technology or the improvement of cognition, it’s not a small fortune.

This entrepreneurial experience has happened to me a lot. If you are interested in it, you can read the following articles. If you want to see the short version, you can read the first one. For details, you can see the “series” later:

  • To commemorate my first venture
  • My entrepreneurial story (1) team establishment
  • There are still some articles that haven’t been published yet. I promise I will.

Deepening learning

In the past, our company’s products were separated from the front and back ends, so I only need to be responsible for front-end development with react framework, and can build a page that the designer has done well.

Now after a fall recruitment, I reorganized my knowledge and reexamined the profession of front-end engineer, and determined what kind of quality front-end engineer should have in nearly 100 interviews around large and medium-sized factories.

It’s very difficult for front-end engineers to learn comprehensive computer knowledge while marching forward against the IT disdain chain. Now it’s very important to master a solid computer foundation to engage in front-end work. It’s no longer the position that can be easily handled by back-end engineers.

After so many school recruitment interviews, I concluded that front-end engineers must master these aspects:

  • Front three board axe and its new version (JS, HTML, CSS)
  • Algorithm and data structure
  • computer system
  • computer network
  • Browser
  • performance optimization
  • Front end Engineering
  • Bonus points: database, front-end framework, applet, design pattern, data visualization

Combined with my practical experience, this paper summarizes and sorts out a new type ofInterview manual, which covers the content I mentioned above. Prepare to share with students who are interested in front-end development. This manual has three main features:

  • Strive for the simplest。 There are many knowledge points of front-end development, and they are complex. If there is a long talk, many people will be deterred.
  • Question and answer form。 Let the students who have just come into contact with the front-end learn the structured knowledge of the front-end step by step.
  • Mind mapping。 In order to assist memory, I have also prepared several mind maps for you to prepare for the interview with the help of the manual. The effect is better.

Whether it’s students from science class or non science class, I believe that through the introduction of my interview manual, I will help you find the ideal job.

First of all,This manual will be charged. Of course, there are free online projects, front end interview guide, for your reference and study, the content of the manual will be more systematic, and the open source project will be more cursory. The manual is still in the process of continuous improvement, and we will meet soon.

Originally, I only wanted to do it for free, but there are two benefits of charging. On the one hand, it can provide me with positive feedback and encourage me to continuously produce better experience and content. On the other hand, paying will make learners pay more attention. After all, what they pay for should be treated with their own heart.

Finally, I have to learn by myself through these years,The best way for beginners to learn is not to look at the source code and standards, but to start with the minimum knowledge set, stimulate their own interests, generate a sense of achievement, and then expand within their own capabilities.One day, you may find that you can make x force yourself.

Let’s grow up together!